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PilotFAR is the premier Code of Federal Regulations / Federal Aviation Regulations (CFR / FAR) app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now in its third major release, PilotFAR is highly refined and includes many features and ideas requested by our users. Lose the heavy book and fly with PilotFAR!

Check out our plethora of reviews - they’re all from real pilots, students, and instructors who use our products every day. We’re pilots ourselves so we understand the type of products you want and need.

PilotFAR includes ALL of CFR Title 14, and also CFR Title 49, Part 830 (“NTSB 830”). PilotFAR also includes applicable SFARs.

Always Available and Up-to-Date

PilotFAR works without an internet connection - all content is installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

We update PilotFAR several times per year with the latest regulatory and FAA content - for free! There's no need to keep buying yearly upgrades or even to keep buying that thick heavy book you used to carry with you.

The Content You Need

PilotFAR includes the following:

  • 14 CFR (all parts)
  • 49 CFR Part 830 (NTSB 830)

All content is cross-referenced and hyperlinked. For example, if one regulation refers to another, just tap the hyperlink.

PilotFAR includes all illustrations and tables associated with the content.


Content Formatting All topics are specially formatted for the iPhone / iPod Touch screen and include all text and graphics. PilotFAR is the ONLY FAR product that presents regulations with nice indenting to make reading easier.
Full Text Search Find what you need - instantly! Search by individual words or phrases. Find terms that are "near" eachother. Find topics containing one term while NOT containing another.
Hyperlinked Content When one AIM topic or regulation references another, just tap the link.
Easy Navigation The product is designed for fast, easy navigation. Quickly scroll to the chapter/part you need using the side-index. Move from regulation to regulation using next / previous buttons. Scroll through topics with a flick of your finger.
Favorites Customize which CFR Parts you want accessible in your Table of Contents. This allows you to optimize the way you access the regulations you need, while hiding the regulations you dont need to see.
Bookmarks Bookmark your frequently accessed CFR and AIM topics for quick access later. If you have a lot of bookmarks you can organize them into folders, just like in Mobile Safari.
Email Others Are you a CFI? When a student needs to brush up on a regulation or AIM topic, send it to them - instantly.
Integrated If you use our other products, such as PilotPrep, those products include hyperlinks directly into PilotFAR.
Offline Content No Internet connection required to access any of the included content.
Themes Don't like the default "blue-sky" look of the app? Change the color scheme to plain blue or black.

Many of these features are unique to PilotFAR. Don't be duped by knockoffs - only PilotFAR delivers all the content and features you're looking for.

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