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PilotE6B / WX

PilotE6B / WX is the premier aviation calculator app for pilots, including students, instructors, enthusiasts, and professionals. With over 50 functions and conversions, we designed PilotE6B / WX to be powerful, accurate, and easy to use – just like our popular PilotFAR / AIM and PilotPrep apps. Reduce flight-bag clutter and fly with us!

PilotE6B stands apart from other aviation calculators in both capability and design. Here are a few examples:

  • All calculations allow you to specify the units of measurement used for each input parameter, and for each result. Never be confused about what unit a result is in.
  • Real-time unit conversions allow you to change input and result units on the fly.
  • Results from calculations are automatically carried forward as inputs for subsequent calculations.
  • Specify fuel quantity or fuel burn rate in volume or mass units. Configure the specific-density for your fuel for accurate conversions.
  • Specialized keypads for numeric entry, time entry, fuel selection, and unit selection.
  • Quickly identify the calculation you need by its category, name and input parameters, shown in the calculation index.
  • Thoughtfully designed user interface. Customize with different color schemes to your personal preferences.

Weather features:

  • Retrieve NOAA METAR and TAF reports for any ICAO-identified station.
  • Use your iPhone GPS to automatically retrieve METARs and TAFs within a 50 mile radius of your current location.
  • Access your frequently-queried METARs and TAFs quickly without re-typing.

Timer and clock functions:

  • Two separate countdown/count-up timers with large readout. Timer continues to operate when the app is exited and resumed. (Countdown alert will not signal when app is closed.)
  • Time display in local 12 and 24-hour display, 24-hour UTC display.

E6B functions:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Planned True Airspeed
  • Planned True Airspeed by Mach #
  • Actual True Airspeed
  • Actual True Airspeed by Mach #
  • Hydroplaning Speed
  • Pressure Altitude
  • Pressure and Density Altitude
  • Heading and Ground Speed
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Course and Ground Speed
  • Wind Components
  • Reciprocal Heading
  • Fuel Endurance
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Consumption Rate
  • Range
  • Weight and Balance from Weights, Stations
  • Weight and Balance from Weights, Moments
  • Percent Mean Aerodynamic Chord (%MAC)
  • Speed to knots, mph, kph, m/hr, m/sec, fpm
  • Distance to nm, sm, km, m, ft
  • Temperature to Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  • Pressure to inHg, mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, psi
  • Fuel Quantity to USG, lb, kg, metric tons, litres, IG

Students: Please note that the FAA does not permit iPhone-based calculators to be used during your knowledge exam.

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